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Re: Removing segment hard-coding


Am 2019-05-16 13:35, schrieb Jon Evans:
Hi Seth,

If we need to store the value to control plotting as part of board
settings (option 2), which makes sense to me, what is the advantage of
storing a different value in user settings (3)?

Hi Jon-

If there is a mismatch between a computer's video capabilities and the size of the board being created, the user could work on the board in a lower resolution and then output a smoother gerber (that is consistent across computers). This is how Solidworks handles 3d graphics.

This doesn't affect things like circles/tracks that use defined primitives in gerber output. It only affects interpolated edges in polygons. For other interpolations like rounded rectangles, we already use a higher (64) segments-per-circle count for the approximation in the output than we use for the on-screen representation.


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