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Re: Kicad's way of drawing filled zones


On 13/05/2019 12:58, jp charras wrote:
> If we are talking about V6.0 version, we should add zone property field
> in the file format like (outline_thickness 0.0) to avoid serious issues
> (generating broken boards for fabrication).

Hi JP,

Are you going to work on this (commit code)?

> Perhaps also adding a parameter like (circle_optimization [low, normal,
> high] to optimize shapes with arc/circle items (perhaps useful in
> microwave applications)

I'm OK with it. Seth?

> I am not a specialist of Hyperlynx and other similar tools, but i am
> guessing it is not the only one tool that does not handle thick outlines
> in polygons.

IIRC Altium and Cadence store filled zones as borderless polygons.


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