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Patch set: Display Origin Transforms


I've attached a Zip file containing 11 patches. These implement the Origin Transforms feature I've been talking about since KiCon. They should apply cleanly to the master branch at this commit (currently HEAD):

   9d56102 Prevent unannotated components from driving connectivity

In summary, this adds Pcbnew user preferences that allow the user to select the origin from which absolute coordinates are displayed and entered. The supported origins are the Page Origin, the Auxiliary Origin, and the Grid Origin. If the user preference has not been set the default is Page Origin, which looks just like what we have now.

Additionally, two other Pcbnew user preferences are added to allow the user to select which way the X and Y axes increase: Left or Right for the X axis, and Up or Down for the Y axis. If the user preference has not been set the default is X Right and Y Down, which again looks just like what we have now.

I added a new panel to the Pcbnew "Preferences" dialog called "Origins & Axes" to allow the user to change these options. I did not add any toolbar icons as I expect these will be "set and forget" options for most users.

These patches do not alter the content of the board file, nor do they change the internal representation of coordinates. The user can change preferences without causing revision-managed data churn. The only affect is how the user sees and enters coordinate values.

My intent has been to implement these transforms only in Pcbnew, but the changes to common data structures necessarily affect all KiCad applications. Thus support for display origin and axis shifts is latent in the Footprint Editor, GerbView, Eeschema, and the Symbol Editor, and can be implemented with minimal effort. However, at this point there should be no user-visible changes in any of these applications.

Some notes:

1. The new file "origin_transform.cpp" is currently in common/widgets/
   because that's where unit_binder.cpp was located. It might ought to
   be in common/ instead.
2. I believe I've addressed all user-visible Pcbnew displays and dialog
   boxes other than the Move Exactly dialog. If I missed something
   else, let me know.
3. I haven't decided how the "Move Exactly" dialog should work yet; I
   think it needs axis orientation support but not origin translation.
   I'd be happy to get feedback before I code a patch for this.
4. I did not touch the Bezier coordinates because it appears this is
   not fully implemented in Pcbnew and I couldn't figure out how I
   would test such changes.
5. I'm willing to make a pass through the code to unify the name of the
   Auxiliary Origin once there is a consensus on what to call it.
6. Patching the file containing the list of developers to add my name
   felt kinda presumptuous. I'd be happy if these patches constitutes
   cause to do so.
7. Would someone send Jeff Young on holiday for a week or two? I'm
   getting burned out just trying to keep these patches rebased on his
   changes. :-)


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