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Schematic connectivity performance branch needs testing


Hi all,

I've been working on some performance optimization to connectivity in order
to make it able to operate in real time in more situations (very large
designs or very slow computers).

The main changes are:
(1) Threading of several parts of connectivity calculation that were
previously not threaded
(2) Moving the calculation of "dangling ends" into the connectivity system

There is one caveat regarding (2):  Currently, my branch does not update
the dangling state of items while they are being moved (as is current KiCad
behavior).  Implementing exactly that behavior in this new code is not
easy, because I haven't made a mechanism to run just the dangling state
tests on a small subset of items.  The current branch behavior will only
update the items dangling indicators after the move is complete.  Since I
imagine some people will really want that behavior to stick around, I will
think about a way to make it so.

Despite this, I still want any input / testing that people are willing to
give, as this set of changes can make quite a dramatic impact on large
design performance in my testing.

The code is on my github in conn_performance branch: