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Release Checklist


Hi Devs-

I've committed a proposed checklist format to my branch[1] on launchpad. This is the outline of a proposed checklist for KiCad releases that we can use to verify consistent (i.e. fewer regressions) behavior before tagging new versions. This currently documents just the main window. If people like the idea, I'll work on expanding the list to cover the full suite.

The proposed release workflow would then look like:
1) Wayne tags an RC and copies the current template into a new file called release_checklist_v#.#RC# 2) Everyone begins testing the items on the list, marking them as working or reporting/fixing bugs a. All tests happen against the tag. If a test fails, it can be marked **fixed** after a fix is committed 3) Once all tests are marked either **complete** or **fixed**, and no new issues arise, we start again with a fresh RC 4) Once an RC has all tests marked **complete** instead of **fixed**, we are ready for release.

Let me know if people have suggestions for how this process might be improved/modified.


[1] https://git.launchpad.net/~sethh/kicad/commit/?id=8c2d0b6957d4b1da47741947850a959602564ba4&context=3&ignorews=0&ss=1

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