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Re: Release Checklist



On 5/25/19 12:27 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> Hi Devs-
> I've committed a proposed checklist format to my branch[1] on launchpad.
>  This is the outline of a proposed checklist for KiCad releases that we
> can use to verify consistent (i.e. fewer regressions) behavior before
> tagging new versions.  This currently documents just the main window. 
> If people like the idea, I'll work on expanding the list to cover the
> full suite.
> The proposed release workflow would then look like:
> 1) Wayne tags an RC and copies the current template into a new file
> called release_checklist_v#.#RC#
> 2) Everyone begins testing the items on the list, marking them as
> working or reporting/fixing bugs
>   a. All tests happen against the tag.  If a test fails, it can be
> marked **fixed** after a fix is committed
> 3) Once all tests are marked either **complete** or **fixed**, and no
> new issues arise, we start again with a fresh RC
> 4) Once an RC has all tests marked **complete** instead of **fixed**, we
> are ready for release.
> Let me know if people have suggestions for how this process might be
> improved/modified.
> Best-
> Seth
> [1]
> https://git.launchpad.net/~sethh/kicad/commit/?id=8c2d0b6957d4b1da47741947850a959602564ba4&context=3&ignorews=0&ss=1

We can give this a try to see how it works.  I don't want this to become
an excuse for getting stable releases out so if it becomes that, we can
kick it the curb.  One thing I would add to your list is to ensure the
unit tests all pass.