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Why is the schematic view boundary set as small as it is?


Hi all,

This question is particularly for JP since you have written the relevant

Why is SCH_VIEW initialized to such a small size compared to the area that
is accessible if you zoom out?

You can see in my screenshot that the view boundary is initialized to the
pink rectangle, but it is quite easy to zoom out way past that boundary and
move components there.  But because of the boundary being checked in some
places (like zoom to selection), it causes various problems such as the bug
report in [1]

If we really want to set such a small view boundary, we should prevent
moving objects outside of it, and restrict the minimum zoom level to
something more reasonable.  In my opinion, though, we should have some
middle ground -- the current view boundary is too small for some use
cases.   It can be useful to drag the entire sheet contents off-sheet for
some workflows, so I think the view boundary should be at least the size of
a 3x3 grid of worksheets, if not larger than that.

Any thoughts on this?

[image: Screenshot from 2019-05-26 11-30-44.png]

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1822442


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