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Re: Patch set: Display Origin Transforms rebase


On 2019-05-26 11:01, Reece Pollack wrote:
Trust me, I'm not excited about passing the ORIGIN_TRANSFORMS
reference as a parameter. The patch files that do nothing except add
this parameter to the GetMsgPanelInfo() and GetSelectMenuText()
methods are the two biggest in the set, at 1673 and 1488 lines
respectively. The patch files that contain code to actually use this
parameter are far smaller, at 96 and 214 lines, and I kept these
patches separated intentionally.

One option would be to make an overloaded function for GetMsgPanelInfo() that takes the origin_transforms parameter and leave the original in place. Then then signatures that need transformation can use it while those that don't won't be affected.

This will also reduce the impact of your patch set and make rebasing easier.