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Re: Patch set: Display Origin Transforms rebase


So _now_ it occurs to me that what I should have done was create classes derived from UNIT_BINDER that handle the different types of data (X-abs, Y-abs, X-rel, Y-rel) and instantiated those, rather than adding a parameter to the UNIT_BINDER class.

However, that would have also required changing UNIT_BINDER to accept and return /double/ values rather than /int/ to avoid the /int/ -> /double/ -> /int/ -> /double/ conversion sequence formatting for display, and /double/ -> /int/ -> /double/ -> /int/ conversions parsing from display.

Maybe I'll do that another time. Too many changes too late for this iteration, I think.

On 5/26/19 11:01 AM, Reece Pollack wrote:
The specific problem with UNIT_BINDER is that it doesn't know what sort of data it's handling. It could be a value like a track width which shouldn't be altered,  a relative coordinate delta which may need a sign flip, or an absolute coordinate which needs both translation and sign flip. Nor does it know whether relative or absolute coordinate is an X or a Y axis. Thus it must either have a parameter identifying the type of data it's handling or a different set of methods to transfer that data in or out based on the type. I chose a constructor parameter, and I chose to pass an object implemented to handle that type of data.

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