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Re: Atomic Libraries Proposal


Hi Seth.
On 24.05.2019 16:13, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
Am 2019-05-24 02:36, schrieb Sergey A. Borshch:

Major limitation is that your proposal still does not provide mapping
between symbol pins and footprints pins, so user has to keep separate
footprints for, say, sot23 bipolar, FET, Zenner and IC which differ in
pins names only.

Hi Sergey-

Can you say more about why you would need a separate footprint for different pin names?  I don't quite understand that point.
Bipolar transistors has at least two common pins assignments, so you has to have at least two symbols with pins numbered {1, 2, 3} and {2 1 3} or at least two footprints with pins numbered {E, C, B} and {E, B, C}.

If your component has some pins connected together as, say, 78Lxx in SOIC8 package and you want to have same symbol for 78Lxx in all packages, you has to keep separate SOIC8 footprint with pins 1,2,2,4,5,2,2,8.

ACCEL EDA has pins mapping (including common pins across units, gates and pins equivalence) in 1995, it's curious that Kicad has no such feature 25 years later.

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