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Re: Show grid in eeschema status line


On 6/3/19 12:25 PM, Steven A. Falco wrote:
> On 6/3/19 10:42 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> Hi Steve,
>> Your patch no longer applies cleanly as there has been some serious
>> refactoring and legacy code removal.  I think your patch is a good idea
>> but it will need to be fixed.  I do have a few comments from your
>> original patch:
>> * Please use `git commit` to commit your code to your local repo and
>> `git format-patch` to create patches to send to the mailing list.
> Thanks for the review, and for your patience as I "learn the ropes" Wayne.
> I've attached a rebased patch using "git format-patch".  I generated it both for master and for 5.1, in case you want it in both branches.  Personally, I'd like it in both.
>> * There tabs and indentation errors in your original patch.
> I think I've fixed all of those.  If I missed any, please let me know.
>> * I don't think you need to make the precision of millimeter grid units
>> 4.  2 should be more than acceptable given that you are using 3 for
>> inches units.  You may want to increase this by one for the board
>> editor.  The board editor has far greater precision than the schematic
>> editor.
> I chose 4 decimal places because the eeschema grid seems to be in English units internally, even when I switch the UI to metric.  I.e., when I switch eeschema to metric, the finest grid in the pull-down menu is shown as "0.0254 mm (1.00 mils)".  I don't see a way to set the eeschema grid to a round number of mm.  I will be happy to change the display to 2 places if you still want that, but then the status line will show 0.02 mm rather than 0.0254 mm.  Please confirm which way you want it.

You are correct so the precision for inch units should be 3 and
millimeter units should be 4.

I think putting the grid in status bar position 4 and the units in
position 5 would look better.  Putting the grid after the units feels a
bit awkward.

Why did you not add the current grid to the status bar of the board and
footprint editors?  I suspect users will ask the same question if/when I
merge this patch.  To do so will require some changes because the
precision of the board editor is far greater than the precision of the
schematic editor.  Also, the board and footprint editor support
asymmetric grid spacing so overloading DisplayGridMsg() in
PCB_BASE_FRAME would do the trick to handle this.


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