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Re: Show grid in eeschema status line


On 6/4/19 4:46 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 6/3/19 12:25 PM, Steven A. Falco wrote:
>> On 6/3/19 10:42 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>>> Hi Steve,
>>> Your patch no longer applies cleanly as there has been some serious
>>> refactoring and legacy code removal.  I think your patch is a good idea
>>> but it will need to be fixed.  I do have a few comments from your
>>> original patch:
>>> * Please use `git commit` to commit your code to your local repo and
>>> `git format-patch` to create patches to send to the mailing list.
>> Thanks for the review, and for your patience as I "learn the ropes" Wayne.
>> I've attached a rebased patch using "git format-patch".  I generated it both for master and for 5.1, in case you want it in both branches.  Personally, I'd like it in both.
>>> * There tabs and indentation errors in your original patch.
>> I think I've fixed all of those.  If I missed any, please let me know.
>>> * I don't think you need to make the precision of millimeter grid units
>>> 4.  2 should be more than acceptable given that you are using 3 for
>>> inches units.  You may want to increase this by one for the board
>>> editor.  The board editor has far greater precision than the schematic
>>> editor.
>> I chose 4 decimal places because the eeschema grid seems to be in English units internally, even when I switch the UI to metric.  I.e., when I switch eeschema to metric, the finest grid in the pull-down menu is shown as "0.0254 mm (1.00 mils)".  I don't see a way to set the eeschema grid to a round number of mm.  I will be happy to change the display to 2 places if you still want that, but then the status line will show 0.02 mm rather than 0.0254 mm.  Please confirm which way you want it.
> You are correct so the precision for inch units should be 3 and
> millimeter units should be 4.

> I think putting the grid in status bar position 4 and the units in
> position 5 would look better.  Putting the grid after the units feels a
> bit awkward.

Agreed.  I'll prepare a revised patch with them swapped.

> Why did you not add the current grid to the status bar of the board and
> footprint editors?  I suspect users will ask the same question if/when I
> merge this patch.  To do so will require some changes because the
> precision of the board editor is far greater than the precision of the
> schematic editor.  Also, the board and footprint editor support
> asymmetric grid spacing so overloading DisplayGridMsg() in
> PCB_BASE_FRAME would do the trick to handle this.

I can look at adding this for the other tools - I think it is a good idea.  Since my initial need was for the device editor, that is where I started.  Would you be willing to merge the schematic / device editor part, and let me do a follow-on for the pcb /footprint part?  I'd like to get these changes in before things get refactored again.  :-)