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File format incompatibility between nightlies and 5.1 (max_error)


It was just found out (
that commit 6bcf1839b7a6 added max_error which causes board to be
incompatible between nightlies and 5.1. It's of course inevitable at some
point, but I have asked earlier that developers would explicitly tell here
or in the forum when that happens and how (I read the list but don't
remember seeing a clear warning).

It may be important to know; for example I can use nightlies at work but
must be careful so that I can continue with stable if nightlies don't work.

For this specific problem there would be several possible solutions (at
least in my opinion) which would make the file format readable by 5.1.x,
supposing that otherwise the board files can still be read and edited.

1. Write the key/value to the file only if it's something else than the
default (i.e. changed explicitly).  This was the case with hatched zone
2. Add the keyword to a bugfix release of 5.1 so that it can be ignored
(again, supposing that it can be ignored at all). It would help if someone
uses 5.1 nightlies or later the stable release.
3. Create some generic system by which KiCad can ignore some future
keywords which aren't necessary to interpret.

But over all I would ask information about incompatibilities. Thanks.

Eeli Kaikkonen

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