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Re: 5.1 Hotkey problems


Hi Ian-

On 2019-06-11 12:56, Ian McInerney wrote:
Somewhat in relation to the patch I just sent, 5.1 currently has some
hotkey issues with the default hotkeys that are being shipped with it,
namely with pcbnew where:
Paste is a duplicate hotkey of Add Microvia (both have Ctrl-V)
Add a similar zone has an invalid hotkey (it is currently ctrl+shift+.
Routing options has an invalid hotkey (it is currently ctrl+shift+, )

The invalid hotkeys I think can be modified to simply be the upper
symbol of those keys, so:
Add a similar zone: ctrl+>
Routing options: ctrl+<

These make sense to me. I suspect that the greater-than/less-than symbol is fairly accessible on most keyboards.

As for the duplicate, what hotkey should add microvia be moved to?

I think that the microvia hotkey is OK here as it is only enabled when paste is disabled, specifically when we are routing. I don't think that's a duplicate. Both actions seem to work appropriately for me when using pcbnew. Do they cause issues on non-Linux platforms?


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