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Re: PATCH pcbnew half-rotate actions and shortcuts


Hi Mark,

On 11/06/2019 19:20, Mark Roszko wrote:
Idea: quick tap of R just does 90. Long press R and it pops open a tiny dialog with focus to enter a rotation number and then you can hit enter and it just sets the rotation angle directly on the footprint properties.

Ctrl+M will already do this (x, y = 0, theta = 45), and, moreover the last transform is retained, so the second time, it's is just "Ctrl+M, enter".

Setting rotation directly on the item will be possible with the Object Inspector.

However I don't know if KiCad's hotkey system can tolerate timing based shortcuts.

Not as far as I know. It would be pretty steep in terms of discoverability, I think, and long pressing gets frustrating quickly (I find on my phone).

Better IMO, if we're really short on hotkey real estate, would be "modal" or "chained" hotkeys, so Ctrl+R,H for half rotate.