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Re: [Patch] Units for DXF plotting output


On 2019-06-13 17:27, Ian McInerney wrote:
The attached patch set allows the user to set the units of the
exported DXF in pcbnew (options are inches or millimeters).

It also cleans up the tooltip and name for the DXF outline plotting
mode to try to make it more understandable for users (see
https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1832595 for the discussion that
prompted this. I changed it so the option for the box says: "Plot
graphic items using their contours" and the tooltip now says "Uncheck
to plot graphic items using their center lines"

The third patch makes the DXF plotter only output the BLACK layer if
monochrome is selected, since the other layers are empty because they
correspond to the other unused colors.

Seth/Wayne, can you give the exported DXFs a try? I have tested them
using LibreCAD and QCAD, but I don't have access to any commercial
software right now to see how they work.

Hi Ian-

I gave them a run through with AutoCAD and they appear to work correctly. Thanks for the great patch here! I've pushed to the master branch and will push out to 5.1 as well as soon as it finishes compiling/testing.