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Re: Immediate actions


On 2019-06-14 07:59, Jeff Young wrote:
My plan had been to support both two-step (first selects tool; second
draws object) and immediate (always draws) actions, and let the user
assign the hotkey to the one they prefer.

But I’m discovering a bunch of things that are unsettling about it.
It hard to discover if we chose the default option that’s not the one
you wanted.  Which actions does the Place menu show?  It kind of has
to do a select-tool action, but that’s inconsistent if the tool is
already selected.  And to make matters worse, you’d really like to
show the immediate hotkeys there because that’s the first place people
will look.

Then I had an epiphany: it’s easy enough to distinguish select-tool
from draw-object contextually (did they use the menu or not?); the
real differentiator between two-step and immediate is whether or not
the tool remains selected after the object is drawn.

So how about if we add a preference for that instead?

Would the preference support returning to the current tool after the action is complete? As in, I am using the routing tool but then I want to move a footprint. Can I use the immediate hotkey to move the footprint and then still be in the router tool after placing the footprint?


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