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eeschema rubber-band behavior change


I've been trying out eeschema 6.0, and I see a strange rubber-banding behavior change.

I put four screen-shots here:


In "before.png" I show three resistors connected together, and in "selecting.png" I show how I select just the right-most resistor and its two attached wires.

In 5.1.2, I then hit "Tab" and drag the resistor.  I get the result shown in "hit_tab_in_5.1.png".  The resistor is moved, and the wires up to the next component (i.e. the middle resistor) are rubber-banded.

However, in 6.0, there is no "Tab" hotkey, so instead I type "g", which I had hoped would work like 5.1's Tab hotkey.  I get the result shown in "hit_g_in_6.0.png".  The resistor is moved as expected, but all the wires are rubber-banded, including the ones connected to the left-most and center resistors.  That seems like the wrong behavior.  I don't know if this is intentional or a bug.


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