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Re: Possible new selection paradigm


On 2019-06-18 08:12, Jeff Young wrote:
I’ve been thinking more about the AutoCAD drop-selection-after-action
paradigm, which I at first didn’t like.

Open Eeschema in a recent build, select the delete tool (trashcan at
bottom of toolbar), and move the mouse around your schematic.

You could imagine the selection tool acting like AutoCAD, and then
dropping into this mode when there was no selection.

Just brainstorming at this point….

Hey Jeff-

This is excellent. It is pretty much how I was envisioning an alternate selection mode in pcbnew. I find this sort of paradigm useful to quickly edit items by knowing ahead of time, which element the immediate action will affect.

Now that we are mapping gestures, we could also add a gesture to roll down the disambiguation list, highlighting each element in the stack. COMSOL does this and I find it incredibly helpful.

But this currently is really ace.  Especially for the delete tool.