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Re: Possible new selection paradigm



On 6/18/19 8:12 AM, Jeff Young wrote:
> I’ve been thinking more about the AutoCAD drop-selection-after-action paradigm, which I at first didn’t like.
> Open Eeschema in a recent build, select the delete tool (trashcan at bottom of toolbar), and move the mouse around your schematic.
> You could imagine the selection tool acting like AutoCAD, and then dropping into this mode when there was no selection.
> Just brainstorming at this point….

One thing I like about the AutoCAD selection tool is that selections
stay selected until an action occurs or the selections are cleared
(escape key).  This is handy compared to our selection tool that cancels
all selections when you accidentally select nothing and all of your
previous selections are cleared.  I realize this is user error but the
AutoCAD selection paradigm has a bit of built in fool proofing.