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Re: [Patch] bitmap2component: Support for multiple input units.


Le 14/06/2019 à 20:24, Johannes Wågen a écrit :
> Hi
> I have made a patch to bitmap2component so that it supports entering
> dimensions in mm, inches, mils, and DPI. It is now also possible to lock
> the aspectratio to the ratio of the input bitmap. When the aspect ratio
> is locked and one dimension is changed, the other one is automatically
> updated.
> I have tried to follow the coding guidelines to the best of my
> abilities, but I was a bit unsure on the capitalization of some things.
> Please let me know if there is anything that need changing. I have only
> tested it on linux, where it works fine.
> For the future the bitmap2component is in need of a bit of refactoring,
> and should possibly be moved to a common dialog. That can be accessed
> from a menu in the other programs. But I think my patch should help with
> the usability of the program for now.
> -Johannes

Hi Johannes,

I committed your patch, with many fixes and enhancements.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS