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Re: help translators ... again ...



For one shot warning messages like the new zone fill algorithm, wouldn't
a simple project with the old zone fill suffice?  Just don't save the
project on exit so you can reuse it for testing purposes.  I have lots
of minimal projects like this that I keep around for testing purposes.
I'm not sure it would be worth the developer time to write code to
display all of the warning dialogs but I'm not opposed to a patch that
does so provided it is a config option.



On 6/15/2019 3:14 PM, Marco Ciampa wrote:
> Hi devs,
> that message about the new fill algorithm warning message
> made me think about a problem I think I have.
> What I am asking here, I do not know if it is possible,
> feasible, convenient ... to cut things short, I just ask.
> I am a finicky kind of translator. I usually want to double check
> translations "live",  looking also at the results in the program when it
> works. That helps me a lot in making a better and more professional
> translation.
> Well, sometimes making windows pop up can be very hard.
> For example when windows and dialogs pop up just when some very rare
> event happens, usually when something change from one version of the
> program to another. When that happens it means that some things are
> changed and the program have to warn users about the change (different
> file format, one way migration of files, etc.)
> Well, usually making those windows or dialogs pop up again, just to
> revise the messages that some users may have read too hasty or for
> helping translators like me to double check, is very hard.
> Could be possible to make those messages reviseable? A sort of warning
> messages log but one with which you can also revise non current warning
> messages ... or a debug option to fire warning messages without any real
> event ... I really do not know how that could be made, sorry ...
> Please think about this ...
> TIA and sorry for the noise as usual...

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