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Re: Additional parameters on simulation dialog


Thanks Seth,

> tabs being used instead of spaces and two blank lines between
> functions in .cpp files. It looks like retval in
> DIALOG_SIM_SETTINGS::TransferDataToWindow() isn't getting initialized
> properly. 
Fixed in commit: e87ee2624892ad51e95cd9b8206e8d408de46939

> Are the "," replacements in DIALOG_SIM_SETTINGS::updateNetlistOpts()
> there to provide support for alternate locales? 
Yes, I believe ngspice requires dot and I think it should be enough for
floats representing temperature to just do such replace.

> In KiCad's codebase, \n is standard. But we don't really worry (...)
I think we have misunderstanding here. I was wondering not about
Windows/Unix line endings in source files, but rather line endings used
in string literals in KiCad source code, for example:


100:            simCmd += wxString::Format( "%s\r\n", dir );
217:        aFormatter->Print( 0, "%s\n", (const char*)
m_simCommand.c_str() );


410:            wxStringTokenizer tokenizer( text, "\r\n" );
483:        aFormatter->Print( 0, "%s\n", (const char*) dir.c_str() );

Maybe they should be unified somehow? 

> The IC field could be added as a key-value parameter (...)
I still don't understand how to do it, so it will take some more time. 

Best regards,

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