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Bug created by commit 6253b44f20


Hi Jeff,

Your fix (commit 6253b44f20) is incorrect and creates a new and more
serious bug:
* When the highlight tool or the delete tool is activated (checked) the
first time you click on the canvas, the previous tool is checked with a
very strange behavior (at least on W7 32 bits) depending on the previous

for instance after activating the delete tool:

- if the previous tool was the Select tool (arrow tool), the select tool
is displayed as checked, but the delete tool is still activated (but non
checked): you can delete items.
- if the previous tool was the Add symbol tool, as soon as you try to
delete an highlighted item, the item is not deleted, but instead the Add
symbol dialog is opened.

I can fill a bug if you want.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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