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Re: Pcbnew file format


On 7/2/2019 11:11 AM, jp charras wrote:
> Le 02/07/2019 à 16:55, Jeff Young a écrit :
>> I was testing 5.1 and noticed that it can no longer open 6.0 files.  Was this accidental, or have we now diverged?
>> (I ask only because I have a bunch of fixes waiting for file format changes which I could go ahead and make if we have officially diverged.)
>> Cheers,
>> Jeff.
> There is at least a change: "max_error" param in "setup" section.
> I have myself some other changes waiting in file format to support zones
> filled without outline thickness, and a support for board stackup info
> (for manufacturing purposes)

Since the board file format in the master branch is no longer compatible
with the 5.1 branch, I don't see any issues with pushing file format
changes.  I only ask that before you push commits that affect the file
format, please post your changes so we can take a look at them so we can
review the file format changes before we merge them.  Please be sure to
keep the file version up to date correctly as you push your individual
changes to prevent any user issues.



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