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[kicad-developers] Pcbnew file format


Just a thought (may be a little off-topic):

Since old pcbnew versions will not be able to open files in new format, there should be a way to export a pcb in the "old/stable" format, so that when testing latest development version of pcbnew on an old board (and saving it) can be undone without editing manually the files (of course exporting in the old format will loose new features but ensures to be able to go back to a stable version if something goes wrong during the tests).

As an example, lately I was asked to produce some schematic files using the "stable" version of kicad (the files were supposed to be used also by "non-developers"). Since old versions did read the new files I did use the latest eeschema version, tested it, found some bugs etc... Without being able to export to the "stable" file format I would not be allowed to use (and test) latest dev versions. May be this can be a problem to other testers too.


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