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Re: [PATCH] Board statistics dialog


Hi SHuklin! ( is this the romanization of your name? :) )

This is just my user feedback:
That is a cool addition, another feature suggestions would be to list the components by "Fabrication attributes" "Through hole"/"Surface mount"/"Virtual" Each footprint has this attribute so I guess you can easily count it.
They are important values for calculation costs of the assembly.

Mario Luzeiro

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Sent: 04 July 2019 15:06
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Subject: [Kicad-developers] [PATCH] Board statistics dialog

Hi, that's first time I try to contribute to KiCad and write to Launchpad mailing lists, so please, don't beat me to hard )))
I really miss some board statistic dialog, where you can see quantity of SMD pads, THT pads, board dimensions, all the stuff, you need for PCB production and assembly. There was also issue in the bug tracker
And like guy from bug issue, I moved from Altium Designer and miss that dialog as well.
Can you please look at that and commit if you think it's useful or tell me what to change.
That's my commit in the github:
and branch:
and there's also patch and dialogs pics in the attachment.

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