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Re: Pcbnew file format


On 2019-07-04 09:24, Jeff Young wrote:
Since this is DRC, can we keep it in its current place until the DRC manager goes in

Well, there’s DRC and there’s DR.  The other options really control
only what is *checked*, whereas this one controls stuff *on* the
board.  Granted a lot of Jon’s rules will also fit into the DR camp,
but I feel a little more reticent to move this one out.



That's a valid point. Ideally, I'd like to see this in a "DesignRules" section. Different manufacturers will have different requirements here, so the DRC/DFM import would need to modify this value. The check also needs to allow separate values for internal vs. external layers.

If we want to separate the generation from the checking, we might want to put this setting in the zone parameters. In which case, we might use a global default setting that is used for new zones.


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