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Re: Eagle project import


On 2019-07-06 17:16, Steven A. Falco wrote:
I am trying to import an Adafruit Eagle project into KiCAD 6 (built
from the current tip of the tree).

I placed a copy of the Eagle files and the conversion here:


The schematic looks pretty good, but there seems to be a problem with
filled zones in the pcb.  Specifically, there are a bunch of unrouted
traces, where vias should be connected to a zone.

Also, if I select "Show filled areas of zones", the zones remain as
just an outline rather than being colored in.  Am I doing something
wrong?  Do I need to adjust some parameter to get the zones to fill?

Nope. This is a bug. Nets are not propagating. Can you file a report at the bug tracker so that we can address it?

If you need the circuit converted, it looks like 5.1.3 does the job correctly.


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