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Re: Thermal spoke count


On 2019-07-08 08:15, Jeff Young wrote:
To support it we’d need to add count (and probably initial angle) to
the zone properties dialog, the footprint’s local clearance and
spacing seciton and the pad’s local clearance and spacing section.  So
it would complicate the GUI (although the second and third of those
are at least on a seldom-used tab).

If we decide to implement this, I'd like to also have an optional "suppress instances" list so that if for some reason the auto placement of spokes on a custom shape didn't work, I could remove the unwanted spokes.

But I think that these properties should not go in the zones, only in the footprint and pads as it is sufficiently outre that it is unlikely to find much use in the general setting.

The properties that may be useful in the zones settings would be spoke defaults for SMD, through-hole and vias. These might be addressable by placing an ellipsis button after the Pad Connections drop down that brings up an advanced dialog setting.

This is pure spitballing however.


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