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Re: [PATCH] Crash Reporter


On 06/07/2019 21:10, Ian McInerney wrote:
> Tom,
> Not to pile on the questions, but does the linux stack trace support
> exist in the entire 3.0.x line, or how far back does it go? Currently,
> the minimum version searched by cmake is 3.0.0, and some major linux
> distros only have 3.0.2 (Debian Stable, EPEL6/7, and Ubuntu 16.04 to
> name a few).


Under liunx stack trace works fine in 3.0.2. Under Windows it's not
implemented at all (unless using a crazy hack self-exception-raising
hack that works only under MSVC).

I can work this around by having our own Windows stack walker - after
all the whole purpose  of the crash reporter was easy debug reports for
Windows users. Under Linux everyone knows how to use a debugger,
otherwise it's impossible to work ;-)


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