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Re: [PATCH] Crash Reporter



On 7/9/19 2:41 AM, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:
> On 06/07/2019 21:10, Ian McInerney wrote:
>> Tom,
>> Not to pile on the questions, but does the linux stack trace support
>> exist in the entire 3.0.x line, or how far back does it go? Currently,
>> the minimum version searched by cmake is 3.0.0, and some major linux
>> distros only have 3.0.2 (Debian Stable, EPEL6/7, and Ubuntu 16.04 to
>> name a few).
> Hi,
> Under liunx stack trace works fine in 3.0.2. Under Windows it's not
> implemented at all (unless using a crazy hack self-exception-raising
> hack that works only under MSVC).
> I can work this around by having our own Windows stack walker - after
> all the whole purpose  of the crash reporter was easy debug reports for
> Windows users. Under Linux everyone knows how to use a debugger,
> otherwise it's impossible to work ;-)
I'm assuming that you mean that you are going to pull the
wxDebugReporter code from the 3.1 branch of wxWidgets which can be
removed once wxWidgets 3.2 becomes the default.  If it's any more than
that, I would rather wait until 3.2 is available.

> Tom

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