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Re: Compilation problems with types from pcb_lexer.h


I had this same problem this morning and "git clean -fx" fixed it.

Is there a more up-to-date guide than this <http://docs.kicad-pcb.org/doxygen/md_Documentation_development_compiling.html>for compiling KiCad on linux? Something that points to the nightly PPA and how to use "apt build-dep" to get all the dependencies? I did it all manually at first and almost gave up. Then there are these other little problems that arise. I wonder if you're losing some first-time developers who never get past the first compile.

Thanks, I knew I had read something about that but didn't find anything afterwards.

Eeli Kaikkonen

ke 10. heinäk. 2019 klo 13.00 Andrew Lutsenko (anlutsenko@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:anlutsenko@xxxxxxxxx>) kirjoitti:

    See https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg41433.html
    Solution:  run "git clean -fx" and then build.

    On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 1:21 AM Eeli Kaikkonen
    <eeli.kaikkonen@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:eeli.kaikkonen@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        If I understood correctly the lexer system was changed
        recently. I'm trying to compile on Linux, using gcc and ninja
        (NOT plain make!). Now I get errors:

        kicad/pcbnew/pcb_parser.cpp: In member function ‘void
        kicad/pcbnew/pcb_parser.cpp:1278:14: error: ‘T_user_diff_pair’
        was not declared in this scope
                 case T_user_diff_pair:

        I already started from scratch but the problem persists.

        I found out that the definitions aren't in the source code but
        have been generated in the build tree; grep finds them in
        common/pcb_lexer.h. But somehow the build system or compiling
        doesn't use it correctly.

        Eeli Kaikkonen
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