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Re: Compilation problems with types from pcb_lexer.h


ke 10. heinäk. 2019 klo 20.43 devb@xxxxxxxx kirjoitti:

> I had this same problem this morning and "git clean -fx" fixed it.
> Is there a more up-to-date guide than this
> <http://docs.kicad-pcb.org/doxygen/md_Documentation_development_compiling.html>for
> compiling KiCad on linux? Something that points to the nightly PPA and how
> to use "apt build-dep" to get all the dependencies? I did it all manually
> at first and almost gave up. Then there are these other little problems
> that arise. I wonder if you're losing some first-time developers who never
> get past the first compile.
Here's a very recent forum thread about that:

It also includes a link to an older thread. I didn't report this, but I
managed to get git master branch configured on Debian 10 by adding the
debian testing repository (which has KiCad 5.1) and running apt build-dep.
It may have worked even without the testing repo.

The instructions would be quite simple - the most difficult part is to find
and add the repository which matches the wanted version as closely as
possible. That part is what is different for different distros and distro
versions and what changes from time to time (for example when a newer KiCad
is backported for older distro). As far as I know there's something similar
to apt build-dep for rpm based distros.

Eeli Kaikkonen