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Re: Arc Adjustment proposal


On 07/10/2019 9:02 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Don't forget, this will impact all import from and export to 3rd party
file formats so it's not going to be a trivial change.


Then it could be introduced an extra way to define arcs only for tracks, leaving the previous definition unaltered for drawings and edges.
The pcb format would be changed only if used Arc tracks in the board.

On 07/10/2019 7:25 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:> I'd like to adjust how our arcs are handled and stored. This is part of
the arc tracks work package but is sufficiently tangential that I think it bears checking before I implement.

Problem: Arcs are stored in the pcbnew file using center, start point and arc angle. This leaves the end point of the arc subject to rounding errors. This causes problems in STEP export as well as (for the arc tracks) connectivity issues as dragging requires point matching, not just copper overlap.

The issue on edge STEP export (board edge not closed) is related to the following:

On 07/10/2019 10:52 PM, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:> For what it's worth, in normal graphical arcs (especially in edge cuts) the
two endpoints (or start and end) are usually important, the centerpoint

This is not true. Generally for mechanical concerns, you should start exactly from the centers, which are the anchors of your board. If you start your design with mechanical constraints in mind, your board will not have EdgeCuts issues.

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