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Re: Arc Adjustment proposal


On 07/10/2019 10:52 PM, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:> For what it's worth, in normal graphical arcs (especially in edge cuts) the
two endpoints (or start and end) are usually important, the centerpoint

This is not true. Generally for mechanical concerns, you should start exactly from the centers, which are the anchors of your board. If you start your design with mechanical constraints in mind, your board will not have EdgeCuts issues.

My two cents...

Unfortunatly some times the centers are anchors of the board, other times they are not: when the external case is designed by a "fashon designer" and you have to put your electronics inside, the board outlines can be quite weird, not (totally) under our control and the centers of the board outline arcs are not always anchor points. The problem is that both the approaches make sense in some situations: sometimes you like an "exact" center, some others you like "exact" endpoints.

Personnally I ran into the "endpoint" problem for some board edges, since to close the perimeter of the board for a step export, the arc start/endpoint need to be exact, while having an exact arc center was not so important (considering also the resolution used in kicad and the mechanical tolerances of the real word, an error of some nm in the center position should not be a problem).

From a user point of view anything helps in having closed board outlines when using arbitrary arcs gets my +1 (no matter if this is a new internal arc data structure or a new "trim" tool to close two selected edges/arc).

Cheers, Dino.

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