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wxWidgets Event Tables or Bind and lambdas


This is mainly a code style/implementation question about what should be
used going forward. I am in the process of going through CVPCB and
converting it to actions, and also implementing the
copy/paste/delete/undo/redo features. This necessitates changes to the
event table (mainly removal of events), but I have also noticed some events
with smaller handlers (e.g. 1/2 line handlers).

Other windows seem to use the Bind method with lambda functions for these
small functions, and I have used them as well for some new bindings for the
actionization when needed. My main question is, is it acceptable to also
transition existing events (unaffected by the action changes) to use this
paradigm? My main thinking is for the 1/2 line event handlers such as
(to name a few) to be transitioned to this paradigm.



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