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Re: Reason for non-stroked zones?


Le 14/07/2019 à 22:14, Jeff Young a écrit :
> Hi JP,
> Why were the non-stroked zones implemented?  Is it entirely for performance?
> Is the plan to make them default in 6.0?
> Thanks,
> Jeff.

It is mainly to fix an issue for very large boards: stroked filled
polygons generate a lot of rounded segments and on OpenGL these segments
are costly in time and memory resource.
So these polygons are sometimes not drawable (very long time to draw,
glitches and crashes)
Non stroked polygons have a bit more vertices, but no segments to draw.

An other advantage of non stroked polygons is the fact the zone shape is
exactly the polygons shape, and this is useful when exporting a copper
layer to an external tool (for simulation for instance).

Do not forget:
the number of vertices created by filling algo must be minimal:
Reducing the number of vertices is *much more important* than creating
beautiful shapes.
This is a reason I am thinking the "max_error" default value should be
0.01mm instead of 0.005mm

We could make non-stroked algo the default in 6.0 when we be reasonably
sure it works fine.

For now, I am thinking this option could be available without set its
availability in advanced config.
Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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