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Eeschema selection


Brightening the selection in Pcbnew works well because the background is dark and most of the colours are reasonably dark, so there’s a good bit of room to make the difference between selected and not selected noticeable.

This is less true in Eeschema, mainly because of the white background.

I’ve been thinking of using the magenta colour for both net highlighting and cross-probing, and then using the bright red we use today for cross-probing for selection.  This does mean that selections would no longer have differentiated colours within (between components, wires, etc.), but I think might work better than the not-very-noticeable state we have today.


(I also thought about putting a yellow drop-shadow under selected items so that they “glowed”, but this is going to put a lot more overhead on OpenGL when large chunks of the schematic are selected.)

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