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Re: [PATCH] Board statistics dialog


Makes sense.
Instead of a generic "via count" a more complete table similar to the one generated in the drill report file could be useful, but may be it can became quite long if a lot of different drill sizes are used (ok, scrollbars are made to handle that). Also having "vias", "blind vias" and "microvias" count man make sense (or at least having something like "microvias used: yes/no"), just to have in board statistics the information about the need of an advanced pcb manufacturing process.


On 21/07/19 20:54, Mark Roszko wrote:
> Since making every hole in the pcb costs time,  manufacturers calculate the price of the PCB using also that number.

A long time ago, holes cost alot. These days if your manufacturer is charging alot per hole, you should run far away. Usually manufactuers include 20k-40k holes in the base price per panel before they start charging you tiny penny amounts for more in some increments of thousands. The CNC machines these days as blazing fast at making the holes required and they charge more for the drill bit being worn down than the time.

What does actually cost money is via type and size. Blind vias make layer stackups a pain in the butt and micro vias needing lasers. And also going below some via size can significantly add cost even if not at microvia size because it requires different machines with more precision and smaller drill bits.

If anything I would say to break down the statistics based on via type.

On Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 1:55 PM Dino Ghilardi <dino.ghilardi@xxxxxxxx <mailto:dino.ghilardi@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I just tried the board statistics dialog and looks good, I like it.

    A thing I'd like to have to make it better is adding the number of vias
    to the statistics: Since making every hole in the pcb costs time,
    manufacturers calculate the price of the PCB using also that number.

    Also the option to save or print a text with the statistics report
    be nice.


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