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Re: [PATCH] Board statistics dialog


I'll have a look to add vias count to dialog.
There's some questions:

1)I don't have too much experience with wxdialogs. There was commit on master, which says: 
>> remove settings for fg/bg color: the result is unpredictable: was black texts on black background on my computer. 
And now I have all tables with data just in white boxes. Is it how it meant to be, or just some misbehavior on different systems? I use archlinux x64 OS.
there's screenshot in attachment

2) Can we use something like  _ (  " Height " ) + ":" for translation, not  _ (  " Height: " )? As far as I understand, now we will need to have 2 translations, first for "Height" and second for "Height:" but that's basically same word.

>Воскресенье, 21 июля 2019, 23:42 +03:00 от Dino Ghilardi <dino.ghilardi@xxxxxxxx>:
>Makes sense.
>Instead of a generic "via count" a more complete table similar to the 
>one generated in the drill report file could be useful, but may be it 
>can became quite long if a lot of different drill sizes are used (ok, 
>scrollbars are made to handle that).
>Also having "vias", "blind vias" and "microvias" count man make sense 
>(or at least having something like "microvias used: yes/no"), just to 
>have in board statistics the information about the need of an advanced 
>pcb manufacturing process.
>On 21/07/19 20:54, Mark Roszko wrote:
>>  > Since making every hole in the pcb costs time,  manufacturers 
>> calculate the price of the PCB using also that number.
>> A long time ago, holes cost alot. These days if your manufacturer is 
>> charging alot per hole, you should run far away. Usually manufactuers 
>> include 20k-40k holes in the base price per panel before they start 
>> charging you tiny penny amounts for more in some increments of 
>> thousands. The CNC machines these days as blazing fast at making the 
>> holes required and they charge more for the drill bit being worn down 
>> than the time.
>> What does actually cost money is via type and size. Blind vias make 
>> layer stackups a pain in the butt and micro vias needing lasers.
>> And also going below some via size can significantly add cost even if 
>> not at microvia size because it requires different machines with more 
>> precision and smaller drill bits.
>> If anything I would say to break down the statistics based on via type.
>> On Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 1:55 PM Dino Ghilardi < dino.ghilardi@xxxxxxxx
>> <mailto:dino.ghilardi@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>>     I just tried the board statistics dialog and looks good, I like it.
>>     A thing I'd like to have to make it better is adding the number of vias
>>     to the statistics: Since making every hole in the pcb costs time,
>>     manufacturers calculate the price of the PCB using also that number.
>>     Also the option to save or print a text with the statistics report
>>     would
>>     be nice.
>>     Cheers,
>>     Dino.
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Alexander Shuklin

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