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Re: 5.1.3 release


On 8/2/19 3:06 PM, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> pe 2. elok. 2019 klo 21.33 jp charras (jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx>) kirjoitti:
>     If the 5.1.3 is built from tag 5.1.3 (jul 25) version, there is a very
>     annoying bug:
>     Bug #1838446
>     This bug was fixed the Jul 31.
>     This bug make impossible updating footprints, both from the dialog and
>     from schematic, because the new footprint is not at the right place (the
>     old footprint coordinate) but it is placed at the mouse cursor location.
> Numbers are cheap, so why not announce 5.1.3, tell that it will have
> short life and tag 5.1.4 immediately (or as soon as possible)? Moving an
> existing tag and building new packages would lead to a mess.
> Eeli Kaikkonen

I'm not proposing moving a tag.  I am only proposing that 5.1.3 never
gets released.  We just go from 5.1.2 to 5.1.4.  This shouldn't cause
any issues.


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