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Re: Minimum Boost version


On Thu, 29 Aug 2019 at 14:10, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What's wrong with setting the minimum boost version to 1.59?

Absolutely nothing; the suggestion of 1.62 was merely a personal opinion.

> If this is the version that has the testing features that you need and
> all later versions, then this should suffice.  I would prefer that we
> the number of supported distros whenever possible.

Sure! A quick grep says the only current compile-time checks for Boost
versions are 1.59 (qa), 1.64 (also qa) and 1.68 (3D viewer cache). Since
1.64 is a no-go at this stage, 1.59 would be a good step forward.

(Sorry for the delay in response, I had an unexpected lack of internet
access for a couple of days).


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