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Re: [RFC] Comments for a Layer Stack Manager in Pcbnew


I just finished the version of board stack manager that should fix all
issues and remarks previously made, and has some tests to avoid
incorrect parameters.
The patch is against latest master branch version (5.99.0-48)

The stackup settings is now in the board settings dialog.

Note also the board settings dialog has a flaw:
All panels are working on the current board settings instead of a "local
copy" of these settings.
If when validating settings in panels a veto is generated by a panel
(due to a incorrect parameter) all changes made by previous panels are
already committed, and if canceling the changes, some are committed, and
some others not.
My patch does not fix this issue, that is specific to the dialog, not
the stack manager.

Please test and comment.
I want to commit this feature soon.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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