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Re: [Patch] Overbright view in 3D legacy render


Le 08/09/2019 à 12:44, Michal Jahelka a écrit :
> This patch adds missing material parameter m_Emissive set to (0,0,0) in
> kicad/3d-viewer/3d_rendering/3d_render_ogl_legacy/c3d_render_ogl_legacy.cpp.
> Before this was PCB overbrighted (especially solder mask) and sometimes
> with bad colors. With raytracing was everything OK, but raytracing is
> very slow (on all my computers).
> Before patch:
> After patch it looks normal as in previous versions:
> Adding patch for v 5.1.4 and for 5.1.5 and modified files.

Hi Michal,

I committed your fix.
I never saw your issue, but OTOH clearly initializing the m_Emissive
parameter is certainly good.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS