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Do Not Fit


Hi all,

Almost a year ago now I suggested a feature addition, allowing for marking
parts in the schematic as "DO NOT FIT"


I had made a lot of progress towards feature completion, however was told
at the time that such a feature would not be accepted.

A year later, and after a lot of frustration of  sending the wrong files
out for manufacturer due to confusion about which parts are fitted, I'd
like to raise the issue again.

Currently parts are marked as "DNF" by setting a special field in the BOM
and checking for this with a special export script.

However, I feel (and I'm sure many would agree) that this information
should be integral to the schematic representation itself. Some other EDA
packages achieve this quite well.

I presented a way to achieve this without breaking backwards compatibility
with the file format.

If the "new" file format is still far in the future, can this feature be
considered again?


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