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Do Not Fit


pls allow some comments to Olivers do not fit suggestions. We recently stumbled accidently above Kicad after quarrels with commercial tools and found its push & shoove capabilites are a remarkable and motivating feature.

Experience shows, that the „do not fit“ feature is much more complex. Unfortunately PCB do not have interface standards for contract assembly and soldering in comparison to Gerber for etching or CNC drilling. Therefore cooperation with non black belted contract manufactureres is always painful. For this reason, we run our own SMD pick & place machines.

„Do not fit“ components are nothing else than changed value properties of components. E.g. variant A has no R100 and value of R100=DNF, variant B with R100=1k, variant C with R100 =4k7. Shure this decision is in the responsibility of the design engineer. To decide this inside schematic will end up in complex variant manager tools. Variants become instances of schematic. This raises more questions what beginners hardly understand. Finally we recognize that variants are not only a question of assembly but of component purchasing, stock keeping and so on. This leads to the blueprint V6 library format discussion what is much more complex.

I dont offer contract assembly and all designs are own and drawn by diffrent CAD. After struggling years with Excel BOM and insufficient CSV macros like many other contract manufacturers, we started https://sourceforge.net/projects/cad2board/ Up on today Qt is only compiled and tested for windows, cannot read Kicad input and output format is limited to our Heeb pick & place machines (today ATN innoplacer Berlin) So is of little consequence for Kicad but solution works comfortable here. We have complex variant managers but do not use. Variant decisions are executed at latest possible moment. Eg. the reel with CPU crystals run unexpected empty and there are a few more boards to populate. It is one click to take out this component from project temporarily without saving and continue assembly if I decide to complete the few crystals by hand while board testing. Same way we manage all variants and „DNF“ components permanently inside pick2place project files. They can be merged any time with updates from full size BOM. To understand Olivers efforts: The disadvantage of this solution is a possibly inaccurate schematics not representing all details of any specific variant.

Happy routing

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