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Context menu & immediate actions


I was noticing some odd behavior with the zone tool in the master branch
just now, specifically when you run an action of its through the context
menu (such as add zone cutout). When you select the menu item, it will
begin drawing immediately, which on my Linux box causes some weird behavior
(it will place the first point in the location where the context menu item
was located and then move the cursor back to where the menu originated,
creating a line segment).

The thing that confused me was the fact that it was trying to do an
immediate action here. Isn't the policy to have the immediate actions
triggered by the hotkeys and for the menus to just load the tool so the
user can just click to start it? I know that is how the menubar
menus/toolbars operate, so I had thought that was also how the context
menus were supposed to operate for these drawing commands as well.


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