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Le 07/10/2019 à 20:07, Seth Hillbrand a écrit :
> Hi JP-
> I noticed that you added an option to disable the CJK ideographs
> in 34b26a0ac because you were seeing out of memory issues under OpenGL. 
> The stroke fonts should only be loading on the system heap (4.5MB for
> the current CJK set), so if it's leaking into the video memory, I'd like
> to address that.
> Can you provide additional information about the symptoms you are seeing
> and I can see about fixing this?
> Thanks!
> Seth

First, note I am using a Windows 32 bits (4Gb of managed memory)
I did not yet tested it on my Linux install (a 64 bits version + 8Gb memory)

Debugging this kind of issue is not easy on Windows, due to the poor
performances of gdb under msys.

The crash happens most of time when opening (using opengl) eeschema +
board editor + the footprint viewer (or the footprint editor) and does
not depend on the loaded project (a empty project crashes).

It never happens with the previous font (no CJK ideographs)

It happens not always at the same point so if a error message is
displayed (it happens sometimes), it is not always the same.

I tried to see what happens under gdb.

I am sure I had a out of memory on a malloc call and a crash at:
noncached_container.cpp, line 41

I also am pretty sure I had a out of memory on a malloc in
cached_container_ram.cpp in CACHED_CONTAINER_RAM ctor.

I am thinking, but I am not sure, I saw also a leaking into the video
memory, but most of crashes look like this is a main memory leak.

The stroke fonts data is loaded on the system heap, but I am thinking it
generate *much more* memory allocation (hundred of Mb allocated) to be
drawn by the opengl engine.

(I do not have issues if Eeschema uses the Cairo engine)

I'll try to make more tests and try to provide additional information,
and see the memory allocation difference between CJK and non CJK fonts.


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