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Mac folks, Catalina help?


Hi folks!

The latest version of macOS went public today, and we have an issue
where you can't make a new project on it :)

I want to get a better debugging setup in Catalina so I can maybe see
a better stack trace, but it's going to take a few days.  I spent a
lot of time over the last two weeks debugging an issue with simulation
with ngspice issue with Holger (which seem to be much better now!) and
need to hit some other deadlines before I can spend a lot more time on

If there's mac dev folks who have a setup where they can dig in,
awesome.  If not, that's OK--it'll just take me a bit before I can
dive into this.

If someone could amend our website so it's clear that there are issues
on Catalina right now but we're working through them, that would
probably help the support load.

Thanks folks!


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